Bruno Baietto
Fuutlaan 2A, 5613 AB,
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Follow the crumbs that fall from your own

Design materializes ideology, fashionably shifting its values according to the ideals of the moment. This project explores the possibility and limitation of design as a tool to layout the social phenomenon of Ideology taking the self as a starting point.

Through a thesis research and an installation, the project addresses the challenge starting by the reframing of one charged source; bread, reclaimed as a symbol of labor, politics, religion, and for Baietto personally, family history. Glass blown inside bread, waste-like ceramics, and tiles cast out of discarded workwear are presented by an animatronic waste bin that offers a critical commentary on the design field; outlining that—as social conventions are debunked—outdated perceptions of material value, class, and labor remains intact within the design practice and ourselves.

Cum Laude
Gijs Bakker Award Nominee 2021

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