Bruno Baietto
Fuutlaan 2A, 5613 AB,
Eindhoven, Netherlands
The Father, The son, and the Holy Ghost

The father, the son, and the holy ghost, is a response to the so-called mega-churches from the "Igreja Universal Reino de Deus". A Brazilian neopentecostal organization  broadly known by its scandals on money laundry, tax evasion, and its influence on the Brazilian far-right politics.

Since the late 2010s, megachurches have been inaugurated in Brazil in the poorest neighborhoods of the entire country falsely claimed by the organization to be paid by the follower's tithe. Originally the constructions compromise of massive proportions mixing elements from neoclassical architecture with corporate buildings. Such as the biggest temple in São Paulo (center of the picture) the Solomon's temple, an 80,0000 m2 replica of Solomon's temple as described in the Bible installed in the industrial neighborhood of Bom Retiro.The work presents scale models of the three biggest constructions in the country, wrapped by images extracted by the online street view of the urban environment where they are installed.

Printed Google Streetview images over 3D printing.  São Paulo, Brasil - 2018