Bruno Baietto
Fuutlaan 2A, 5613 AB,
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Fragile Squanders.

Design defines the materiality of what is valuable or not, especially when it’s in contrast to what is designed to be discarded. From architecture to object design, classic materials such as marble, wood, ceramics, and glass are long-lasting; they used to support western social values, becoming
signifiers of commerce, power and class. There, design plays the role of perpetuating those values through the way materials are shaped, either as forms to be respected and taken care of or as to be outlooked and discarded right away.

By forcing ‘valuable’ materials and processes to adapt into the often discarded, the set of furniture takes the shape of a physical Trompe Loil. By challenging the perception of what is valuable (or not) according to how materials take shape by design, cardboard and tape nudge the shape of furniture, outlining the materiality we left behind.

Furniture, Handsculpted ceramics and Leather . 2022.