Bruno Baietto
Fuutlaan 2A, 5613 AB,
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Insertions in ideological circuits III

Insertions in ideological circuits III, is a series of actions inside of fast fashion stores such as Primark and H&M. Sweaters and shirts are bought, printed, then returned or sneaked into the stores again. The prints refer to neoliberal leaders remembering the ideological bases in which the companies operate. The project intends to outline the fact there's no neutrality as the seller or consumer and to question which is the role we uphold to sustain the systems we inhabit. In total 12 sweaters and 5 T-shirts were sneaked between stores and returns. The title presupposes a continuation of Cildo Meirelles work from 1970's, Inserções em circuitos ideológicos I & II.
Thermal print over Primark hoodies and T-shirts - 2020