Bruno Baietto
Fuutlaan 2A, 5613 AB,
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Vera Icon

Vera Icon is a research about the religious connotations of our representation on social media, and our personal data after we die. 
Vera Icon refers to the term of primitive Christianism of “true image” or from the Hellenic greek Acheiropoieta (χειροποίητα) "made without hand". Presupposing our obsession with the digital image and how our identity is reflected in it as early Christian constructs. This analogy also predisposes the use of the digital image as the theological allusion to the veracity of the image and its sacralization through everything that is not done and represented by the human hand. By this means, this term is problematized and reconfigured in its secular side as an extension of the human representation made by a machine in the digital realm. Images are extracted from social media before being deleted from their source, then incinerated through generative design processes resulting in a spectral outcome that furthermore is printed with cyanotype over linen.

Cyanotype over linen - 2018